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Support for School Improvement Planning – The Tiered Model

This school improvement planning resources page offers evidence-based guidance to schools to support their work for the upcoming academic year 2021 — 22.

Over the past year, schools have worked tirelessly to limit the impact of Covid related disruption on their pupils. Now, many will be looking ahead to ensure that they are able to provide sustained support, restoring learning that might have been lost since the onset of the pandemic, along with addressing future school improvement priorities. 

This school improvement planning resources page offers evidence-based guidance to support schools in their preparations for the upcoming academic year 2021-22. It proposes a tiered model that focuses upon high-quality teaching, targeted academic support and wider strategies to aid school leaders’ existing school improvement planning efforts. 

Recommended in the EEF’s Guide to the Pupil Premium, the tiered model is designed to help schools focus on a small number of strategies with the greatest potential to make a meaningful difference for their pupils.

Support for School Improvement Planning – The Tiered Model

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Implementing change in schools is challenging. One of the characteristics that distinguishes effective and less-effective schools, in addition to what they implement, is how they put those new approaches into practice.

Busy teachers and school leaders need to know that changes made in their setting will be meaningful and sustainable. Our guidance report on implementation, ‘Putting Evidence to Work’, offers actionable support to ensure that school improvement plans can be enacted effectively, giving them the best possible chance of long-term success.

We have also published the following resources to support implementation:

  • The EEF’s Research School Network is available to provide localised support for schools looking to implement evidence-informed changes to teaching and learning in their context.
  1. Updated: 17th December, 2020

    Implementation questions

    Reflection questions to guide school leaders’ thinking around implementation.

  2. Updated: 21st August, 2020

    Examples of plans using a tiered model approach

    Plans exemplifying how schools have used the tiered model to support changes in their schools

  3. Updated: 24th August, 2020

    Tiered model editable template

    Editable template for schools to fill in with their improvement priorities


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