What our funding partners say…

Some of our partners explain their reasons for co-funding with the EEF:

Dame Jackie Fisher, Northern Rock Foundation:

"All the evidence shows that children who do not read well by age eleven have significantly less chance of achieving good GCSEs and of moving into work. We hope the North East Primary Literacy Campaign co-funded with the EEF will help to break a cycle of poor literacy amongst disadvantaged children in the North East, and improve the lives and employability of young people across our region.”

You can read about the EEF's funding partnership with Northern Rock Foundation here.

Hang Ho, J.P. Morgan

“Possessing the right skills is fundamental to young people’s ability to compete for quality jobs. We passionately believe in enabling students to achieve the right credentials for clear pathways to the employment market and mathematics and English are key in this respect. Through our new partnership with the EEF, we are delighted to combine theory and practice, as well as robust evaluation, to find the best-in-class programmes to dramatically increase the number of young people who have a smoother transition into the job market.”

You can read about the EEF's funding partnership with J.P. Morgan, focusing on post-16 education, here.

Hillary Leevers, The Wellcome Trust:

"We are very happy to be working on this important area with the Education Endowment Foundation. To enable neuroscience to have a positive impact on education a collaborative approach is needed, supporting teachers to distinguish neuro-fact from neuro-myth and supporting neuroscientists to explore whether their findings can benefit learning. The work we have undertaken aims to look at the issue from these different perspectives and we hope that this collaboration is the first of many within the area of neuroscience and education."

You can read about the EEF's funding partnerships with the Wellcome Trust here (2014), here and here (2017).

Carol Lake, J.P. Morgan:

"We are delighted to partner with the EEF to unlock the talents and aspirations of children and young people from all backgrounds to ensure they have a fair chance to get ahead. Not only is this the right thing to do, but it is an imperative, to ensure that our professions and the wider community benefits from the wealth of diverse talent that exists amongst the young people in this country.”

You can read about the EEF's funding partnership with J.P. Morgan on the Achieve Together project here.

Benoît Durteste, ICG:

"Our business has grown substantially in recent years and we felt strongly that our charitable giving should keep pace with this growth and extend beyond our highly successful programme with ThinkForward. We are grateful for the time our Charity Committee has put in over the past 18 months and are looking forward to working closely with the EEF and the Tutor Trust, as well as looking to extend our charitable programme outside the UK."

You can read about the EEF's funding partnership with ICG, helping us scale up our Promising Projects, here.

Matthew Taylor, the RSA:

“The RSA believes in both the intrinsic value of arts and cultural engagement in education and in its potential to reduce barriers to children’s learning and engagement. The current decline in provision of cultural learning and arts education opportunities in schools concerns us deeply and we know that a stronger evidence base for their impact are crucial to sustaining their presence and to improving practice. We’re excited to work with EEF, whose reputation for rigorous and robust research underpins the credibility of this project.”

You can read about the EEF's work with the RSA on cultural learning here.

Claudia Harris, Careers & Enterprise Company:

“We know that encounters with the world of work and careers support at school improve earnings and employment prospects for young people. This research will help us understand which type of encounters and support, in particular, have the greatest impact. Based on that insight we can use our investment fund to rapidly scale what works across England. “We are delighted to be working with the Education Endowment Foundation and Bank of America Merrill Lynch on a project which will provide concrete and needed help to young people across the country.”

You can read about the EEF's funding partnership with the Careers & Enterprise Company here.

Dr Balwant Singh, Chief Executive of the Kusuma Trust UK:

We are delighted to support the work of EEF to translate evidence into good practice in classrooms, so that pupils from disadvantaged areas and backgrounds are given a real chance to succeed.

We're partnering with Kusuma Trust to scale up evidence for impact in mathematics and science in up to 220 schools - read how here.

Dinah McKenzie (New Philanthropy Capital), adviser to the Stone Family Foundation:

"The Stone Family Foundation is always looking for new ways to level the playing field a little between those born into disadvantage and their peers. Alongside our grants programme, we like also to work with sector experts—and partnering with the EEF to see what works in the trials we co-fund in youth work and in early years education has been valuable. Not only to the Foundation in its learning but hopefully too to the children and young people benefiting from the interventions now—and those in the future who should benefit from tried and tested, impactful approaches in youth work and early years education respectively."

The Stone Family Foundation has co-funded two projects with the EEF, Youth Social Action (delivered by Youth United Foundation) and Maths Champions.

Professor Tom McLeish, Royal Society:

“The Royal Society is excited to be working on this project - an investigation into ways to improve science results for disadvantaged pupils in primary and secondary schools across England - with the EEF. It’s a first and vital step towards to understanding how we can help give disadvantaged students the means to improve their science results and expand their horizons.”

You can read about the EEF's funding partnership with the Royal Society here.

Sally Bridgeland, The Worshipful Company of Actuaries

"The Worshipful Company of Actuaries is delighted to be sponsoring part of the large-scale national trial of the Mathematical Reasoning project. We wholeheartedly support the aim of improving the teaching of Mathematics in primary schools and believe that this promising project could significantly benefit future generations of young children and their teachers."

You can read about the EEF's partnership with the Worshipful Company of Actuaries here.

Josh Hillman, Nuffield Foundation

“The Nuffield Foundation has a strong track record in funding the development and initial evaluation of promising early years interventions. Our partnership with the EEF will enable us to capitalise on that success by creating a pipeline for early years interventions from development stage to large-scale trials. Ultimately, this will mean that more children benefit from approaches that have been proven to improve outcomes during this critical period of children’s development just before they enter primary education.”

You can read about the EEF's partnership with the Nuffield Foundation here.

Karen Wood, Chairman of BHP Foundation:

“We know that a great education is crucial for breaking the cycle of disadvantage and ensuring a young person can actively participate in society, that’s why partnerships like this one with EEF are so important. Enabling teachers to make evidence-based decisions which improve learning in their classrooms is at the core of this important partnership.”

You an read about the EEF's partnership with BHP Billiton Foundation here.

Diana Sutton, Bell Foundation:

““We know that average attainment figures mask a huge range of outcomes for pupils who speak a language in addition to English and that certain groups have especially poor outcomes. I’m delighted that together with the Education Endowment Foundation and Unbound Philanthropy we are able to make a significant commitment to finding the best methods to improve learning for those groups most at risk of underachievement.”

You can read about the EEF's partnership with Bell Foundation here.

Jim O'Neill, SHINE Trust:

"We at SHINE are delighted to be working with the EEF to co-fund an academic and cultural Saturday school for primary pupils in disadvantaged schools in Greater Manchester. It makes a great deal of sense for our two organisations to partner where we have common aims and can draw on our respective strengths. I am sure we will achieve more together than we could individually.”

You can read about the EEF's funding partnership with SHINE Trust here.

Will Somerville, Unbound Philanthropy:

“It is essential that we increase the attainment of all disadvantaged children. This work, led by some of the leading experts in the country, will ensure we have up-to-date analysis of which EAL groups are most at risk of underachievement and what are the most promising interventions to arrest such an outcome. We too are delighted to be working with the Education Endowment Foundation and the Bell Foundation, philanthropists who share our desire to scale interventions that are built on objective evidence of what works.”

You can read about the EEF's partnership with Unbound Philanthropy here.

Caroline Rookes, Money Advice Service:

“We are pleased to be working with the Education Endowment Foundation to deliver financial education programmes that could really make a difference to young people’s lives. We know that children start to develop the financial habits and attitudes that they take into adulthood from the age of three so it is really important that the financial education delivered in schools is effective in providing young people with the knowledge, skills and experiences they need to make their financial goals a reality later in life.”

You can read about the EEF's partnership with Money Advice Service here.

Alex Wilmot-Sitwell, Bank of America Merrill Lynch:

“At Bank of America Merrill Lynch, we recognise the importance of rigorous evaluation in developing the most effective approach to careers education, so we are very proud to work with the EEF and the Careers & Enterprise Company. “Through our partnership, we will trial, support and develop ‘best in class’ solutions that will help equip young people with the skills and knowledge they need to successfully transition from education into meaningful employment.”

You can read about the EEF's funding partnership with Bank of America Merril Lynch here.

Cllr Gordon Jones, Suffolk County Council

You can read about the EEF's funding partnership with Suffolk County Council here.“The goal of our Raising the Bar programme is to ensure every child in Suffolk can reach their full potential. Real progress is being made to achieve this and by working with the Education Endowment Foundation we have capitalised on its experience of effective approaches to provide an easy route of access to some of the best educational programmes available.”

Dan Sutch, Nominet Trust:

We hope that this EEF/Nominet Trust fund will provide evidence into effective uses of digital technology that can be shared to support teachers and schools further. It’s great to be working with EEF’s rigorous approach to evaluation to address a significant gap in understanding the wide-scale benefits of the use of technology in education.”

You can read about the EEF's funding partnership with Nominet Trust here.

Jo Clunie, KPMG Foundation:

The KPMG Foundation is delighted to be working in partnership with EEF on two projects, Chicago Heights Parenting Academy and Rosendale Metacognition programme. Both these programmes represent to us the importance of rigorous evaluation where outcomes will be of primary importance. I am sure we can achieve more together than either organisation can achieve individually."

KPMG Foundation has co-funded four projects with the EEF: the first two were Rosendale Primary School's ReflectED and Chicago University's Parenting Academy project; followed by Voice 21 and Positive Action.

Anthony Harte, Bank of America Merrill Lynch:

"We recognise the importance of research in developing evidence-based responses to solving social and economic challenges. This is why, Bank of America Merrill Lynch is proud to have commissioned this extensive piece of research to strengthen our understanding of the effectiveness of careers education. We hope the results will be used by others to inform further research and will help increase support to those initiatives which are improving careers education.”

You can read about Bank of America Merril Lynch's support for the EEF's international review of the evidence on careers education here.