Developing international partnerships to support teachers across the globe

Join us in working with leading organisations around the world.

Our aim: to ensure teachers and schools everywhere can access reliable information and the support they need to make the best decisions about what’s most likely to transform their students’ life chances.

Evidence-informed education is global...

We know that every day teachers worldwide are striving to improve the learning outcomes of their students. But they cannot do it alone.

Some of the challenges teachers face are unique, but schools face many common challenges too—how to teach reading, for example, or how to engage parents in their children’s learning.

… and the EEF is playing a key role

The EEF, working with BHP Foundation, is bringing together education systems and teachers in different countries through our established and emergent global partnerships.

Together, we are generating and sharing knowledge about the best ways to improve attainment and close disadvantage gaps.

And we are supporting jurisdictions wanting to know more about the EEF’s work in England. Because we share common goals, too.

To increase the volume, quality, and use of evidence on a global scale—and to work out how best to promote better decision-making in our own country’s schools and classrooms. 

Our international work encompasses four areas:

  1. Developing the Teaching and Learning Toolkit, the EEF’s flagship resource for teachers and schools, to help practitioners across different countries to identify what works, for which students, and in which circumstances;
  2. Testing different teaching and learning approaches across different countries. A £5 million Global Trials Fund will accelerate the discovery of new evidence that is relevant both globally and to English schools;
  3. Building a network of evidence hubs, similar to EEF’s Research Schools, in partnership with local education jurisdictions that will disseminate the evidence and identify innovative approaches that will help transform the teaching and learning of the future
  4. Establishing EEF-style organisations in partner countries to act as evidence brokers and encourage the adoption of evidence-based policy at a national level.

As part of this work, the EEF is actively seeking opportunities to work with other countries keen to integrate evidence into their educational systems. 

If you share our mission and want to explore opportunities to get involved, please do let us know—we would be delighted to discuss.