Building our knowledge of ‘what works’ to improve teaching and learning

The EEF is a world leader in building the ‘what works’ evidence base in education.

Trialling high-potential projects across the country…

In its first 10 years, the EEF has funded programmes delivered in more than half of all schools in England—over 14,000 schools, in addition to many nurseries and colleges, have volunteered to trial high-potential projects.

Collectively, these programmes have reached 1.5 million children and young people, 35 per cent of them eligible for free school meals.

We have awarded over 200 grants to schools, local authorities, academy trusts, charities, social enterprises and universities.

We have commissioned an estimated 15 per cent of all known trials in education around the world. And we have published the full results of more than a hundred randomised controlled trials (RCTs) so far.

… and expanding those with the greatest impact

The EEF’s most promising programmes have enabled students to make +3 months’ additional progress in a year.

These projects particularly benefited students eligible for free school meals, who made on average +4 months’ additional progress.

The lifetime gains for students taking part in these EEF trials amount to THREE TIMES the cost of delivering and evaluating them, according to independent analysis. 

What your donations can support:

  • Testing the impact of high-potential projects in schools, nurseries and colleges across England

The EEF aims to fund the delivery and evaluation of around eight projects each year selected through our open application rounds. These focus on key educational areas where we can (1) fill in gaps in our understanding and (2) find out which programmes can most effectively improve learning and close the disadvantage gap.

  • Generating evidence that directly relates to the everyday choices that teachers and schools make

The EEF aims to address the questions of greatest importance to teachers and senior leaders in the most robust and timely way possible. We work directly with practitioners to identify priority questions, design projects that can be robustly evaluated, and find out how best to communicate the results so that they are genuinely useful.

Breaking it down… Your financial support could, for example:

  • Co-fund a themed round, testing the impact of a number of trials all focused on a single area where we want to build the evidence = £250,000 - £3 million
  • Co-fund an EEF trial or pilot study on a topic of common interest = £50,000 - £250,000
  • Co-fund an evidence review identifying promising approaches and programmes we might want to fund on a particular issue = £50,000 - £150,000

NB: all ranges above based on previous EEF partnerships

These are examples—we would be delighted to discuss how we could partner to achieve your aims as well as ours.