Strategic School Improvement Fund (SSIF)

In April 2017, the Government launched a £140 million Strategic School Improvement Fund (SSIF), a grant to support schools most in need to improve school performance and pupil attainment.

The Department for Education ran three rounds of funding over the following year. In July 2018, it was announced there will be no further application rounds. Further details are available on the Department for Education's website.

The EEF’s involvement

The EEF provided support to hundreds of school and system leaders thinking of applying to SSIF on how to develop evidence-informed projects. Our aim – as explained in this 90-second video – was to help ensure SSIF funding would be spent in ways that are most likely to make a difference to pupil outcomes.

Many of the successful SSIF applications made reference to, or were based around, the EEF Teaching and Learning Toolkit, our list of Promising Projects, or EEF Guidance Reports.

Our national network of 22 Research Schools was also heavily involved. They assisted schools in the application process and have, along with member of the central EEF team, subsequently supported successful applicants in thinking through successful implementation. In addition, most of the Research Schools themselves led successful bids to SSIF.

The EEF prepared a narrated set of slides, below, to support schools with the application process. Though SSIF is now closed to new applications, we hope the slides will continue to be useful to senior leaders wanting to bring evidence to your school improvement endeavours – to be used alongside your professional judgement and local knowledge. 

  1. Updated: 9th October, 2017

    SSIF guidance

    PowerPoint presentation narrated by James Turner (EEF Deputy Chief Executive)