Campaigns to promote effective use of evidence

The EEF’s campaigns are directing resources and expertise to some of the most urgent and challenging issues in schools.

Our campaigns are a concerted programme of activity to inform teachers and school leaders about the best available evidence on key issues and to provide them with the support they need to implement it in their community.

We do this in a carefully tiered approach combining:

  • Practical guidance: The EEF produces guidance reports summarising the existing evidence on high-priority issues and provides practical ways for schools and others to act on it.
  • Local advocacy: The EEF recruits and works with advocate partners – local organisations with the expertise, trust and reputation to engage and work with schools – to provide hands-on support and training to schools that will ‘bring to life’ the EEF’s evidence.
  • Direct support for evidence-based programmes: The EEF directs trials of high-potential projects and re-grants to its ‘Promising Projects’ to work with schools in areas facing particular challenges so that they can benefit from access to evidence-based interventions.

The EEF have funded and evaluated two campaigns:

  1. Better use by schools of teaching assistants in up to 1,000 schools in Yorkshire; and
  2. A partnership with Suffolk County Council’s Raising the Bar programme.

We're also currently funding a campaign to boost literacy levels for primary-age literacy in the North East, in a major £10 million initiative co-funded with Northern Rock Foundation. 

You can read the evaluation of the formative stage of the campaign here.