Writing a protocol or SAP

This page contains resources to assist Evaluators in writing evaluation protocols for projects. Also included is information on how the security of findings are rated using the EEF padlocks system.

  1. Updated: 19th August, 2019

    Trial protocol template

  1. Updated: 19th August, 2019

    SAP template

  1. Updated: 29th March, 2018

    EEF statistical analysis guidance 2018

  1. Updated: 19th August, 2019

    EEF IPE guidance 2019

    384 KB pdf - IPE_guidance.pdf

  1. Updated: 16th July, 2019

    EEF longitudinal analysis guidance

  1. Updated: 3rd October, 2019

    QED Study Plan Template

  1. Updated: 20th May, 2016

    A comparison between NPD and pre-tests

    195 KB pdf - Pre-testing_paper.pdf

    This paper outlines the advantages and disadvantages of carrying out pre-tests.

  1. Updated: 27th May, 2016

    Implementation and Process Evaluation Literature Review

    676 KB pdf - IPE_Review_Final.pdf

  1. Updated: 13th December, 2019

    Cost Evaluation Guidance (December 2019)

    644 KB pdf - Cost_Evaluation_Guidance_2019.12.11.pdf