Setting up an evaluation

This page includes resources designed to help evaluation teams in setting up trials. In May 2016, we published a literature review and guidance on conducting successful Implementation and Process Evaluations, which was conducted by a team from Manchester University and can be found below.

  1. Updated: 29th March, 2018

    EEF statistical analysis guidance 2018

    677 KB pdf - EEF_statistical_analysis_guidance_2018.pdf

  1. Updated: 19th August, 2019

    EEF IPE guidance 2019

    384 KB pdf - IPE_guidance.pdf

  1. Updated: 27th May, 2016

    Implementation and Process Evaluation Literature Review

    676 KB pdf - IPE_Review_Final.pdf

  1. Updated: 25th June, 2019

    IPE Handbook

    880 KB pdf - IPE_Handbook.pdf

  1. Updated: 20th May, 2016

    Randomised Trials in Education

    389 KB pdf - Randomised_trials_in_education-revised031213.pdf

    This guide by David and Carole Torgerson and Ben Styles gives a thorough introduction to RCTs including design considerations and analysis.

  1. Updated: 14th May, 2019

    Lessons learnt from EEF Early Years trials

    184 KB pdf - EY_lessons_learnt.pdf

    Recommendations for evaluators

  1. Updated: 22nd August, 2016

    An example logic model from an EEF set-up meeting.

    185 KB pdf - LogicModel_ICCAMS.pdf

    In each first set-up meeting at EEF a basic logic model is produced so that everyone has a shared understanding of what the intervention and the evaluation is trying to achieve.

  1. Updated: 18th September, 2019

    Recruitment Guidance

    542 KB pdf - Recruitment_and_retention_guidance_2019.pdf

    This guidance includes the roles of delivery partners and evaluators in the recruitment and retention process.

  1. Updated: 20th May, 2016

    Top 10 tips for recruiting and retaining schools

    66 KB pdf - Top_10_tips_for_recruiting_and_retaining_schools.pdf

    A quick guide to the most important things to think about when recruiting schools.

  1. Updated: 13th December, 2019

    Cost Evaluation Guidance (December 2019)

    644 KB pdf - Cost_Evaluation_Guidance_2019.12.11.pdf

  1. Updated: 20th May, 2016

    EEF Ethics Policy

    233 KB pdf - EEF_Ethics_Policy_2015.pdf

    This document outlines the EEF's and evaluators' responsibilities around ethics

  1. Updated: 14th July, 2017

    Guidance on EEF Independent Evaluation

    138 KB pdf - Evaluation_panel_standards.pdf

    These are the minimum standards for evaluators working with EEF for our independent evaluation covering all aspects of work from design to ethics. This is a must read for all evaluators.

  1. Updated: 30th November, 2017


    225 KB pdf

    Some frequently asked questions about EEF set-up meetings.

  1. Updated: 8th June, 2017

    EEF Intellectual Property Policy (June 2017)

    82 KB pdf - EEF_Intellectual_Property_policy_June_2017.pdf

    This policy covers a summary on crown copyright and the publication of results.

  1. Updated: 8th June, 2017

    EEF Reporting and Publications Policy (June 2017)

    157 KB pdf - EEF_publication_policy_June_2017.pdf

    This policy covers everything you need to know about EEF reports and future publications.

  1. Updated: 26th October, 2017

    Evaluation of Complex Whole-School Interventions: Methodological and Practical Considerations

    2 MB pdf - EEF_CWSI_RESOURCE_FINAL_25.10.17.pdf

    A Report for the Education Endowment Foundation

  1. Updated: 25th October, 2018

    Guidance on choosing and delivering attainment tests

    267 KB pdf - EEF_testing_criteria_and_guidance_on_blinding.pdf