Test identification

Name of test Wechsler Individual Achievement Test – Second UK Edition for Teachers
Previous version(s) WIAT, WIAT-II, WIAT-II UK, WIAT-II UK-T (literacy only), WIAT-III, WIAT-III UK, WIAT-III UK-T (literacy only)
Subjects Literacy
Summary The WIAT-II UK-T selected subscales from the WIAT-II UK for assessment of literacy skills. Superceded by WIAT-III UK-T.

Assessment screening

Subscales Single word reading, reading comprehension, reading speed, reading rate, single word spelling.
Authors David Wechsler
Publisher Pearson Clinical
Test source https://www.pearsonclinical.co.uk/Education/Assessments/Achievement/WIAT-IIUKforTeachers(WIAT-IIUK-T)/WIAT-IIUKforTeachers(WIAT-IIUK-T).aspx
Guidelines available? Yes
Norm-referenced scores. Yes
Age range 4–85 years
Key Stage(s) applicable to EY, KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4, KS5
UK standardisation sample Yes
Publication date 2006
Re-norming date N/a


Note whether shortlisted, and reasons why not if relevant No recent norms available