‘Evidence into Action’ - new EEF podcast focuses on ‘Making the Difference for Disadvantaged Pupils’

We have published today the first episode of our new, monthly podcast, ‘Evidence into Action’. This opening instalment focuses on how schools can ‘Make the Difference for Disadvantaged Pupils’.

Host Alex Quigley, the EEF’s national content manager, says:

"This podcast will welcome experts in the field of education – fantastic researchers with important things to say alongside a wealth of brilliant teachers and school leaders. Our mission is straightforward: to tackle the most important educational topics and offer you plenty of evidence-based ideas to reflect on and, I hope, be able to put into action."

In this first episode, Alex speaks to:

  • Natalie Perera, Executive Director of the Education Policy Institute, who highlights key findings from the EPI’s latest research on disadvantage; (Start – 12:25)
  • Professor Becky Francis, Chief Executive of the Education Endowment Foundation, who points to ways evidence can be applied by schools to close the disadvantage gap; (12:26 – 26:56) and
  • Sonia Thompson, Headteacher at St Matthew’s Research School, Birmingham, who discusses her school’s approach to supporting disadvantaged pupils to achieve well and take joy in their learning. (26:56 – End)

For quick and easy access to future episodes, search for 'Evidence into Action' in Apple PodcastsSpotify, or Google Podcasts and make sure you subscribe there.