‘Evidence into Action’ - EEF podcast returns with new episode on ‘Managing behaviour and building habits’

Today, the EEF has published the second episode of our monthly podcast, ‘Evidence into Action’, focusing on ‘Managing behaviour and building habits’.

In this instalment, host Alex Quigley investigates the evidence on supporting pupils to form effective learning behaviours -both in-school and at home- with our panel of experts:

  • Kirsten Mould, EEF learning Behaviours specialist and current secondary school SENCo, explains how positive behaviours and routines underpin successful learning, in and out of the classroom (Start – 13:03);
  • Harry Fletcher-Wood, author, researcher and associate dean at Ambition Institute, highlights the importance of embedding habits in sustaining pupils’ engagement with their learning; (13:03 – 29:18); and
  • Jenny Thompson, principal of Dixons Trinity Academy in Bradford and behaviour advisor to the Department of Education, discusses the way in which shared language and culture set standards for behaviour within her school’s community. (29:18 – End)

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