EEF is working with the GLA and Cambridge University to improve outcomes for excluded pupils

The EEF has announced a partnership with the Greater London Authority and Cambridge University to find and evaluate an intervention that supports London pupils with an experience of exclusion.

The Greater London Authority (GLA) has secured funding from the European Commission for a randomised controlled trial of a project to improve educational and behavioural outcomes for pupils in London schools who have experienced a prior fixed-period school exclusion. The funding covers the evaluation study, which will be conducted by the Institute of Criminology of the University of Cambridge.

The EEF is seeking proposals for promising evidence-based interventions that can take part in this randomised controlled trial. Through this short call for proposals we will select one project that best meets our funding criteria.

This represents a rare opportunity for organisations, funders and schools to gain a better understanding of the effectiveness of an intervention for vulnerable young people through a large-scale outcome evaluation.

The deadline for initial application forms is 1st February. Full details of how to apply, together with guidance for those thinking of applying, is available under the Apply for Funding section of this website.