Foreign language learning and its impact on wider academic outcomes: a rapid evidence assessment

The EEF has commissioned a rapid evidence assessment (REA) focusing on the evidence on the effects of Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) instruction on wider academic outcomes. In addition to this overarching aim, The EEF has asked the research team to gather evidence about effective MFL teaching more generally.

The EEF’s overall aim for this project was to understand the impact of foreign language learning and the most effective strategies to achieve language proficiency and positive impact on wider academic attainment. This evidence will be used to inform policy and practice, with the possibility of providing the foundation for further primary research.

The full report and protocol for the REA can be found below. 

  1. Updated: 28th August, 2020


    3 MB pdf

  2. Updated: 12th December, 2019

    Rapid Evidence Assessment protocol

    413 KB pdf - Foreign_Language_Learning_REA_Protocol_December_2019.pdf