Introducing the Toolkits

Our Teaching and Learning Toolkit and its Early Years companion are accessible summaries of education research. 

The two Toolkits are designed to support teachers and school leaders who are making decisions about how to improve learning outcomes, particularly for disadvantaged children and young people. 

Together, the Toolkits present over 40 approaches to improving teaching and learning, each summarised in terms of: 

  1. its average impact on attainment;
  2. its cost
  3. the strength of the evidence supporting it.

The Toolkits do not make definitive claims as to what will work to improve outcomes in a given school. Rather they provide high quality information about what is likely to be beneficial based on existing evidence. Click here for more about how to use the Toolkits.

Both Toolkits are live resources that are updated on a regular basis as new findings from high-quality research, including EEF-funded projects, become available. We welcome suggestions for new topics to be included in future updates of the Toolkits, as well as comments or questions. Please contact Jonathan Kay.

For more detail on how the content of the Toolkit is developed see the Toolkit Manual.

  1. Updated: 28th June, 2018

    Toolkit Manual 2018

    1 MB pdf - Toolkit_Manual_2018.pdf

    Updated June 2018